Why Stetson

Here are a few things that set Stetson Academy apart

Adaptive Teaching

We recognize that every child learns differently. We adapt our teaching strategies to meet the individual needs of each child. Our small class sizes enable us to tailor our instruction and ensure positive academic growth, day after day. And finally, we communicate that growth to the parents with regular updates about their progress.

Credentialed Teachers

All of our teachers are fully credentialed with several years of experience. The teachers at Stetson Academy effectively deliver instruction through fun and engaging lessons and activities. All of our teachers receive continuous training, consistently challenging themselves to become better. Our teachers understand the importance of forming close relationships with all of their students.

Experiential Learning

Stetson Academy provides experiential and explorative learning. This happens through hands-on activities that allow students to be active and involved in daily lessons. Students will raise tadpoles, rainbow trout, and chicks throughout the year. They will take part in projects that allow them to design, build, create, and construct. They will learn to grow and harvest a garden. The opportunities for hands-on learning are endless throughout the year!

Community Involvement

Community involvement is pillar of Stetson Academy. When schools, parents, families, and communities work together to support learning, students tend to earn higher grades, attend school more regularly, stay in school longer, enroll in higher level programs, and grow to be more well-adjusted adults. Students will take part in various community projects throughout the year.


Teaching at Stetson Academy is data and results-driven. Students will use diagnostic and learning tools that measure student progress throughout the year. Teachers will obtain real-time data to identify focus areas and adjust their teaching strategies as needed to produce real, tangible results.

Fun and Engaging

Stetson Academy was founded on the principle that a rigorous and effective education can also be fun and engaging! The teachers at Stetson Academy strive to make learning exciting through hands-on activities, math games, community involvement, dramatic play, and experiments.

Cross Curricular

Students create important, self-made connections between all subjects and ideas through cross-curricular instruction. What students learn in one subject area is repeated throughout multiple subject areas. This allows students to begin to see knowledge as interdependent and connected rather than as individual, isolated subjects. This methodology results in a deeper understanding of each concept.

Life Skills

An education at Stetson Academy fosters the development of life skills such as empathy, sympathy, responsibility and respect. Students will learn organizational skills as they are encouraged to become more self-sufficient. They will be challenged to communicate effectively, think critically and use problem solving skills regularly.

Play Based Approach

A play-based approach is characterized by learning through exploration, discovery, and trial-and-error. This kind of learning promotes children’s cognitive, social, emotional, psychological and physical development. It fosters the development of language and social skills along with collaboration and teamwork.

Real-Time Reporting

At Stetson Academy, we believe parents shouldn't have to wait for report cards to find out how their student is doing. That's why we provide access to a student portal that gives parents real-time information on their student's academic progress. From there you can see the academic standards your student is working toward and the teacher's notes associated with them.

Meet the Team

Great teachers make great schools. Here's ours:

Carlotta Williams


Valerie Villarreal


Sarah Stetson

Ms. Stetson is the lead teacher at Stetson Academy. She is a passionate, dedicated teacher with more than 9 years of experience and a Master's Degree in Education. Her dedication and passion for education is evident the moment you step into her classroom. She engages students through fun and exciting learning experiences. Her innovative teaching methods foster an environment her students need to achieve maximum growth and the highest test scores in the district. Ms. Stetson has attended multiple National Teaching Conferences throughout the country. She has trained the Travis Unified School District's teachers on how to properly instruct and engage students in math. Ms. Stetson has also designed curriculum for the Solano County Office of Education that is used by teachers in local elementary schools.

Matt Carpenter

Mr. Carpenter teaches 3rd-6th grade after-school tutoring classes at Stetson Academy. He is an engaging and effective teacher with more than 20 years of experience and a Master's Degree in Education. He makes learning fun and more importantly, memorable! His years of experience have given him the expertise needed to reach each and every child. Mr. Carpenter has attended several National Math Conferences throughout his educational career.


Here are some things that local parents have to say about Stetson Academy

My daughter has been struggling a lot with reading and writing. Sarah has helped so much! Even though my daughter has voiced not wanting to do anything learning related, she always looks forward to meeting with Sarah. I would recommend her to anyone! Great teacher :).

- Megan M.

My family highly recommends Stetson Academy. Ms. Stetson is an excellent teacher. She is dedicated to her students. She really works with my son. She gives him the right amount of push to help him succeed and lets him know she believes in him. He has told me she makes learning fun and really helps him understand math better. His confidence has grown so much, especially with doing his math work. Now that school is out, we are so happy to continue with tutoring from Ms. Stetson. Even though it's summer vacation, he still looks forward to his tutoring sessions. I can never thank her enough, for the time she has invested into my son's learning

- Melissa E.

Would totally recommend! Miss Stetson is an amazing teacher. She knows how to connect with kids and get them to pay attention and learn! My daughter loves her! She was her previous teacher and is now her tutor. Her explanations and teaching style help my daughter understand way better (esp in that 5th grade math) than I can help her and for that we appreciate what Stetson Academy has done and is continuing to do for her.

- Noel J.

Ms. Stetson has been tutoring my son in Math and Reading and he's learning a lot and enjoys going.   I noticed a big improvement in his spelling test scores.  She's also helped him learn new Math concepts that will prepare him for the following grade.  She makes learning fun!

- Angelica P.

Ms. Stetson is an outstanding teacher! My kids thrived in her class. She has such a creative mindset and teaches kids in ways that are fun and exciting. From educational field trips to adorable Christmas plays, your child will gain such a well-rounded experience in the classroom! To be a teacher is not just a noun, it's a verb. She fulfills every action you can think of that describes the word 'teacher' and then some. I have complete faith everyone who chooses to place their child in her academy will soon be joining my raves! I simply cannot say enough about how special she is. Don't just take my word for it... find out for yourself! You'll be so happy you did.

- Michelle W.

Ms. Stetson goes above and beyond to make learning fun and memorable.  Academic growth sky rockets and the kids can't wait to come back!  Her lessons are both engaging and rigorous; my daughter's confidence has exploded! Ms. Stetson has a true passion for education and has an incredible ability to ignite that passion in her students as well.  Thank you Stetson Academy!

- Amy S.

Our son has been seeing Mrs. Stetson for a few weeks now and he absolutely loves her. He is really struggling with reading and has numerous learning disabilities. He loves his reading time and looks forward to days with her. His confidence is building and he is learning much quicker than he has been learning in regular school! I am so glad we found Mrs. Stetson when we did!

- Michelle Z.

Miss Stetson has taught two of my three children now. She has been deemed a unanimous favorite. Her teaching style kept my girls engaged and I never had to convince either to attend class (which is a big deal). One of my daughters was considerably behind standards for Kindergarten and she got her caught up in such little time is was remarkable.  I would highly recommend her as a teacher and her program to any family looking for an educational experience.

- Kelsie K.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we receive. If you don't find an answer to your question feel free to Contact Us

Do you offer tutoring?

We offer highly effective small-group tutoring that targets the individual needs of each student for a fraction of the cost of the franchise tutoring centers. Our highly experienced teachers are experts in teaching the latest common-core standards with a variety of curricula used in local schools. You can check out all of our tutoring programs here.

Is there a commitment required for tutoring?

Large chain tutoring centers often require thousands of dollars up-front to enroll and get mixed results at best. Our tutoring programs require minimal commitment (usually 30-days notice to withdraw) and get excellent results! Please check individual tutoring programs for specific withdrawal notice requirements.

What is the age-range for tutoring?

We offer tutoring for students as young as 4 years old through 6th grade. If your student is in 7th or 8th grade but working at or below a 6th grade level, contact us and we'll help you get them signed up.

How do I pay for programs at Stetson?

We offer a hassle-free auto pay system. When you sign-up for a program, your payment method is linked to your account and payments are automatically deducted. From your account you can view all upcoming and past transactions. You never need to worry about paying any upcoming bill and if you ever have any questions about any billing related issues we're happy to help!

Can anyone attend events and programs at Stetson?

Yes! All of our special events and programs are open to the public. You do not need to be enrolled in our school programs to attend.

Do you offer any financial aid programs?

Yes! Our Parent Teacher organization has partnered with Vaca Valley Bingo to offer our Credit Compensation Program. Through this program, parents, relatives, friends, and anyone else can earn money for any program offered at Stetson Academy. Some families pay their entire annual tuition through this program!

Are you religiously affiliated?

We are not a religiously affiliated school. There is no church membership requirement to attend Stetson Academy.

How do I enroll my child at Stetson Academy?

We try to make this process simple and straight-forward. 1) Create an account 2) Add a student to your account 3) Sign up for the program you're interested in! It's that easy! Feel free to email us with any questions you have!

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