Expansion Plan FAQ

Where is the new building located?

Nothing is set in stone as of yet, but we are hopeful that we will be able to share more information soon.

Will the new location still be in Vacaville?

Yes, we are still planning to be in Vacaville.

Will the new building be bigger than the current building?

Yes, every location that we are considering is much larger than our current location.

Will the new location be ready for the 23-24 school year?

While we hope to have most major renovations completed by the start of the 23-24 school year, it will be heavily dependent on the permitting and construction process. Families should expect ongoing renovations throughout the year. We will make every effort to minimize the impact on our students and families.

What is the enrollment process for existing students?

Existing students will be given priority enrollment starting on February 1st. You will be notified via email when enrollment opens.

What is the enrollment process for new students?

Because of the relative uncertainty, we have implemented a phased enrollment process. Interested families can join our interest list by paying a $50 deposit. After we have determined classes, we will contact families to offer them an enrollment contract. If you decline to sign the contract you will forfeit your deposit. If, for whatever reason during the enrollment process, we are unable to accommodate your student, we will refund your deposit.

Will there be an outdoor play area?

Yes, we are planning to have a large outdoor play area although we don't anticipate it to be completed by the start of the 23-24 school year.

What grades will you offer?

We are planning to offer a preschool class as well as TK-5th grade.

Will the classes be combo classes?

Classes at Stetson are structured differently than traditional schools. Rather than organize students by age we've found that grouping students by ability is more effective. This ensures that we can deliver instruction that is tailored to the needs of each student. Students will have a 'homeroom' teacher, but will receive instruction based on their specific needs, somewhat similar to a middle or high school.

Will the expansion affect the summer camp schedule?

At this stage we're unsure about our summer schedule or if we'll be able to offer summer camp. As we get closer, we'll be able to provide more information.