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September Art Explorations (4 classes)

The September Art Explorations class will introduce FIVE exciting artistic media. Students will get to paint or stencil a personalized tote or drawstring bag. They will have a choice of creating a step-by-step canvas paint or an acrylic pour. They will also have the choice of working with polymer clay or making clay sculptures or pottery with oven bake clay. Acrylic Pours: Students will also express their artistic creativity by mixing colors of their choice to use in acrylic pouring. They will receive instruction on different pour techniques and time to experiment. After practicing these new techniques, students will receive two canvases to complete their pours. Colored Polymer Clay: Students will also be designing and molding their own polymer clay creations. Students can choose to make jewelry, statues, keychains, or any other item of their choice! Oven Bake Clay: Students will have the opportunity to sculpt, paint, decorate, and glaze their clay creations. Step-by-step Canvas Painting: Ms. Stetson will guide the students through a step-by-step canvas painting. Students will receive individual instruction and learn basic to intermediate acrylic painting techniques. The Art Exploration classes are a great way to introduce students to fundamental techniques of working with a variety of artistic mediums in a fun, zero-stress environment.

Number of sessions remaining: 2

Tuition: 2 payments of $33.75

Registration/Materials Fee: $15

(Registration fee covers initial student materials, curriculum, and testing related expenses if applicable)

Open to: Children ages 5 years to 15 years

Application Required: no

Program Dates: 9/8/21 - 9/29/21

Wednesdays 3:30p - 5:00p

Registration: Open until 09/29/21 or until full

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