Stetson Academy Fee Schedule


Diagnostic Assessment: $65 per subject

The diagnostic assessment fee is required for all new students attending tutoring and after 90 days between tutoring sessions of each tutoring subject

Daily Care

Before school care daily rate: $14 per day

After school care daily rate: $16 per day

Monthly Before school care: $150 per month

Monthly After school care: $180 per month

Monthly Before and After school care: $200 per month

Daily care is available to students enrolled in school at Stetson Academy

Account Fees

Late payment: $25

Late payment fees are assessed 5 days after the first notification of overdue charges or payment failure, whichever occurs earlier.

Finance Charge APR: 22.14%

Finance charges may be applied to any balance past due by 14 days or more. Interest is compounded and calculated daily.

Reversed transaction: 5% of the total

Failed Bank Transfer: $25 per occurrence

Other Fees

Early Dropoff: $15 per 10 minutes per child

Early dropoff fees apply when a student is dropped off 10 or more minutes prior to their scheduled program or event

Late pickup: $15 per 10 minutes per child

Late pickup fees apply when a student is picked up 10 or more minutes after the scheduled end of a program or event they attended

Field Trips: $0.14 per mile + expenses

Field trips in excess of $25 require prior approval. Miles are calculated using the total miles traveled during the course of the field trip. Expenses include items such as entrances fees etc.

Stetson Academy reserves sole discretion regarding how, if, and when to enforce this fee schedule. Fees may be applied retroactively. Delayed enforcement or a reduction of fees by Stetson Academy does not guarantee any relief from fees. Fees are due at their time of assessment unless otherwise specified.

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