Common Core Policies

What is Common Core?

The adoption of common-core standards has been an area of much contention for parents and schools in recent years. This article seeks to explain why Stetson Academy has chosen to use common-core as our standardized measure of choice.

Common-Core Misconceptions

First, it's important to dispel misconceptions about what common-core is and, more importantly, what it isn't. Common-core is a set of reading, writing, and math standards that outline which concepts should be taught in which grade.

Common-core offers no opinion on methods, modes, or strategies for teaching these concepts. Common-core simply sets a standard for what to teach and not how to teach it.

Often, frustration as a result of poor teaching strategies and ineffective curricula is misdirected at common-core.

Why do we use Common-Core?

Common core is a comprehensive standard benchmark from which to evaluate student progress, regardless of which school a student attends. This allows us to communicate to parents and teachers using a standardized measure that we can all agree on. It important to note that, while many schools utlize common-core standards, what sets us apart are the methods, modes, and strategies we employ to teach the concepts.