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Field Trips Policies


Field trips are an important part of the educational experience at our school. They provide students with opportunities to learn about and explore new places, ideas, and concepts in a hands-on way. This policy outlines the procedures and guidelines for field trips at our school.


Field trips are a privilege contingent on student behavior. Not all students will be permitted to attend all field trips. Students who have exhibited poor behavior or who do not consistently follow instructions of teachers and staff will not be permitted to attend field trips and may be required to stay home from school during them.


Per your enrollment agreement with us, field trips up to $25 are pre-authorized. If you would like to revoke this authorization you may keep your student(s) home during field trips. Field trip costs are determined by adding all costs and fees associated with the trip as well as an added mileage cost to offset the expenses of maintaining and insuring the school vehicles. The current mileage cost is $0.14 per mile. Field trip costs in excess of $25 require advanced approval by the account holder. All charges are billed automatically to your Stetson Academy account.

Selecting Chaperones

The number of parents who want to attend field trips often exceeds the number of chaperones required. Chaperones above the number required often have a detrimental effect on a teacher's ability to manage a field trip. For this reason, the number of chaperones will be determined at the teacher's discretion. Additionally, priority will be given to parents who are active with the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).

Chaperone Duties

Field trip chaperones play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of the participating students. If you choose to volunteer and are selected as a chaperone please ensure you follow the instructions given to you by Stetson Academy teachers and staff. Additionally, avoid extended use of smartphones or other electronic devices to ensure that you are present and available to answer questions and maintain accountability of the students. Chaperones are prohibited from smoking, vaping, or being under the influence of alcohol or any illicit drug during the duration of the field trip.

Student Behavior

Your presence as a chaperone should have a transparent effect on your student's behavior. As a chaperone, you are prohibited from affording your student any special privileges not available to the rest of the class. Your student is expected to stay with their group and follow the instructions of the teachers and other chaperones.

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