Grading Policies

Grading Terms

Stetson Academy uses the trimester schedule for report cards. Parents will receive 3 report cards per year and will attend a parent-teacher conference at the end of the first and second trimester.

Common Core

Stetson Academy uses common-core to provide a standard benchmark for student progress. A snapshot of current progress toward completing these standards is accompanied on all report cards for grades TK-6th. For more information on why we use common core, visit our Common Core Policies page.

Letter Grades

Despite a recent trend away from using letter grades, Stetson Academy has made the decision to continue to utilize the standard A, B, C, D, F grading system. We believe that any effort to eliminate 'failing' grades only serves to obscure student progress and undermines our mission to communicate openly and candidly with parents.

Starting in second grade, students will receive letter grades on their report cards. Letter grades are determined by calculating the percentage of points earned for each subject. Points earned for each assignment or assessment are not subject to 'weighting.' For example, 1 point earned on a homework assignment is equivalent to 1 point earned on a test.

PE & Electives

Physical Education and Elective grades (if applicable) are given as 'effort grades.' They utilize the (U)nsatisfactory, (S)atisfactory, and (O)utstanding grading system.

To read about our electives policy please visit this page

Behavior Grades

Behavior is graded on the 'frequency' grading scale. The possible grades are: Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Usually, Always.

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